Howarth Designs LLC

Dolly Howarth, IFDA, IDS

A love of design in all its forms, along with what she describes as “the desire to avenge inhumane interiors,” inspired Dolly Howarth  to become an interior designer. Formally trained in economics, she brings an analytical approach to her residential and commercial projects. “Combining my problem-solving skills with unconventional  creativity, I believe I offer my clients a fresh perspective,” she explains.

Howarth focuses on creating original designs that enhance her clients’ lives. “I enjoy working with homeowners to transform ineffective spaces into functional, harmonious environments with comfort, style and charm,” she says.

When embarking on a new project, Howarth listens to clients to develop an understanding of their interests, priorities and preferences. These details inform her conceptual designs. “The results,” she says, “are personalized and innovative interiors to be enjoyed  by clients every day.

“Projects that excite me most,” she continues, “involve intermixing  elements—sophisticated and rustic, vintage and new, modern and classical, warm and cool and so on.”

According to Howarth, the process requires diligence, trust and a sense of humor.  “A project is a success,” she concludes, “when a home radiates my client’s personality once the work is done.”