Lewis Aquatech

Donald Gwiz

The principals of Lewis Aquatech understand that people live and work in fast-paced environments and need a place to get away from it all. “We provide spaces for our clients to relax and truly enjoy an intimate getaway in their own backyard,” says company director Donald Gwiz. The firm specializes in high-end landscape projects that often focus on dramatic water features—from streams and waterfalls that mimic nature to elaborate pools, fountains and spas.

Gwiz contends that the most important factor in the creative process is fostering an open dialog between designer and client. “A lot of clients have an idea of what they want, but don’t know how to express it,” he observes. “Open communication allows a client’s thoughts to develop. Their personality and intentions should be reflected in their outdoor space.”

Recently, Lewis Aquatech designed a 10-acre landscape with six fountains, a 60-foot reflection pool, a custom koi pond, a woodland stream and more. The project, pictured here, exemplified the attention to detail that Gwiz attributes to a truly successful project.

“This is what separates a good design from an exceptional  design,” he explains. “The flow of a space, the hand-selected natural materials, the location of joints, the proper plantings—it all creates an unforgettable environment.”


Lewis Aquatech



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