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Jamie Merida

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Jamie Merida, whose parents ran a thriving gallery and furniture business, grew up surrounded by art and antiques. So it was not a reach for him to found Bountiful, his own home-furnishings store, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in 2000.

Clients began to ask for design help, so Merida subsequently launched an interiors practice, creating spaces that reflect homeowners’ interests, personalities and lifestyles. “We spend a lot of time getting to know clients before the process begins,” he says. “That helps us incorporate personal touches that make every design  unique and special.”

Today, Merida’s staff of 18 includes three interior designers. “Our approach could be described as ‘traditional made modern,’” he  explains. “We have a deep appreciation for classic design, but love finding ways to make it feel fresh.” He and his team not only  focus on overall aesthetics, but also on small details that can make or break a project. “There are so many moving parts that need to come together perfectly,” he remarks.

Merida recently launched his own furniture line, the Tidewater  Collection for Chelsea House, and also opened a second store that  focuses on flooring, stone and tile. His work has been widely  published locally and nationally.


Jamie Merida | Bountiful Interiors




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