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Joanne Fitzgerald

Joanne Fitzgerald founded Gatéga Interior Design in 1996, bringing to  her firm a background in civil engineering and  architecture that sets her apart from many of her industry peers. “I offer a very strong element of technical capability,” Fitzgerald says. “I’m knowledgeable about building practices, which makes me an excellent advocate for clients who may have trouble understanding the technical aspects of design.”

An approach based on careful listening yields creative designs that address clients’ lifestyle, aesthetic, functionality and budget. “I don’t go into any project with preconceived notions,” Fitzgerald notes. “And I encourage my new clients to empty their heads of preconceptions in order to give me the latitude to offer something  different that they may not have thought of.”

Fitzgerald subscribes to the philosophy that visual interest and modern comfort are the benchmarks of a well-designed home. “Rooms that look as though they’ve evolved lovingly over time are most interesting and comfortable,” she explains. She pushes the  envelope with respect to scale, color palette and style, creating challenging yet complementary juxtapositions-—but also leaves clients with the sense that their space reflects who they are and how they want to live.


Gatéga Interior Design, LLC



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