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Katalin Farnady

Katalin Farnady believes that a home should be a sanctuary for its owners as well as a reflection of their sensibilities. All projects are driven by a deep passion to deliver a unique story and point of view while building each project upon design principles. This philosophy has guided the designer since she launched her award-winning firm, Farnady Interiors, in 2004.Since then, her work has evolved to include a furniture line through brand collaborations.

Farnady feels she was born to be an interior designer. Her design aesthetic was formed by her experiences growing up in Hungary and living in multiple countries; she still travels frequently for inspiration and to discover new perspectives. “Intuition plays a huge role in all my projects,” she observes. “I like to combine new and old and I enjoy mixing textures, patterns and materials. I strive to deliver something unexpected in each project.”

Close, detailed interviews with clients are the first step in Farnady’s design process. “I am a listener, a creator and an interpreter, all at the same time,” she notes. “It starts with the interview. As a designer, I have found that if I listen well, I can achieve all my clients’ goals. My dream project is when I can create with the client’s guidance but take creative control.”

Throughout each project, she collaborates with her clients and educates them to ensure success—while at the same time keeping an open mind herself.  “I love projects that allow me to challenge myself and explore styles I haven’t worked in before,” Farnady avers. “I know I’ve succeeded when my clients have a space they are happy to come home to and can be proud of.”


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