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Katherine Crosby

Jay Jenkins; Elizabeth Reich; Rachel Pohlner; Kristina Kral; Mallory Branson; Leslie Rose

I have always been deeply affected by my environment,” Katherine Crosby declares. “When I was young, I spent hours assembling cozy spaces to crawl into. As I grew older, I continually massaged and tweaked my dorm room, my first apartment, my first home. Creating a personality for my clients’ spaces is one of my great joys.”

Crosby earned a master of arts in interior design after finishing college, eventually joining Baltimore interiors studio Jenkins Baer Associates, where she worked for 15 years. In January 2024, she and principal Jay Jenkins established Crosby Jenkins Associates, with Crosby spearheading the firm. “We are the same talented team of designers and support staff numbering 25,” she explains. “While each of us has a personal aesthetic, we aim to guide our clients seamlessly through the design process to create spaces unique to them and their lifestyle. We favor a collaborative and creative approach.”

The team at Crosby Jenkins starts by getting to know the clients—meeting with them, touring their spaces and asking questions so they can create a visual inspiration file. The project designer directs the process through detailed drawings, the creation of finish schedules and regular communication with the clients and contractors. “Our goal is to manage each detail of the project so the client can focus on the joy of shaping a new space,” Crosby notes.

Crosby received a 2023 Home & Design Excellence Award for a primary bath renovation. Her work was featured in the local edition of the AD 100 in 2024.


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