Muse Architects

Stephen Muse, FAIA | William Kirwan, AIA, LEED AP

Established by Stephen Muse in 1983, Muse Architects offers extensive experience in both architecture and interior design. In 2003, longtime employee William Kirwan became a principal of the firm; today, Muse Architects has a staff of 14. “Our work is designed to be site- and client-specific,” Muse explains. “We extend what is best about existing conditions while mitigating problems. At completion, we have hopefully constructed a building that looks like it has always been there.”

The structures designed by Muse Architects are personal, and aim to surpass what their owners imagined they could be. “We ask clients to describe their backgrounds so we can design a home that recalls their memories and has meaning to them,” Kirwan notes.

Muse Architects has received more than 160 design awards from local and national AIA chapters and from the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The firm’s work has appeared in more than 200 books and periodicals, including Architectural Record, Architectural Digest and The American House, Design for Living.

In addition to the Washington, DC, area, completed projects by Muse Architects can be found up and down the East Coast from Cape Cod to North Palm Beach, Florida, as well as near Chicago and in Big Timber, Montana.