Patrick Brian Jones, PLLC

Patrick Brian Jones, AIA

Patrick Jones was drawn to architecture when he was in high school, inspired by a family friend who shared with him the “schooling, training and choices” that prepared her for the profession. Perhaps the most meaningful lesson she imparted was this: “Architecture is about the things you see and how you see them: First you must see the beauty, then you may use it.”

That lesson has informed Jones’ design philosophy ever since. He began his career working for small boutique firms that gave him valuable insights into the business. “You have to wear many hats since you’re constantly bouncing from one project to the next,” he relates. “You also have to be as comfortable behind a desk as you are in the field talking to contractors.”

Jones launched his own firm in January 2011. He says he prides himself on the personal attention he devotes to clients, “understanding their needs and budget and then translating those needs into new or redesigned spaces.”

His work doesn’t conform to labels, Jones observes, explaining that his residential projects are neither traditional nor modern, but rather “sophisticated and simple, suited to the lifestyles of the people who inhabit them.” While he loves any new job that challenges and excites him, he is most gratified “when the simplest design gestures make the client happy.”

For Jones, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. “The ultimate goal,” he reflects, “is to strike that balance. That’s when you have a successful project.”