Patrick Sutton

Patrick Sutton

From the very beginning, Patrick Sutton felt destined to become a designer. “Raised in New York, the son of a famed travel journalist father and fashion model mother, my unique background exposed me to a world of elegance, romance and luxury,” he recounts. “Extensive travels left me with a vast and vivid memory of the world’s most beautiful places and elegant settings and—coupled with my studies and training as an architect—have shaped my design process.”

Sutton founded his namesake firm in 1994 with the idea “of creating a complete experience, unifying the clarity and structure of architecture with the romance and detail of the decorative arts,” he says. Since then, he has brought his refined sensibility to clients the world over, helping them tell a unique story about their lives and aspirations.

“Unlike many designers who develop a specific aesthetic and apply it across the board, we approach our projects as a story waiting to be told,” the designer explains. “With a thorough understanding of the confluence of place and aspiration, we develop a narrative specific to each client and their locale, then craft a design which is consistent in vision and reinforced down to the smallest of details.”

The firm’s award-winning work focuses on both multimillion-dollar luxury residential

interiors and high-end hospitality experiences and has been recognized and published nationally and internationally.

Sutton was recently named one of 21 top designers worldwide by Homes & Gardens and one of the World’s Top 100 Designers in the Andrew Martin Design Review. Other accolades include two John Russell Pope Awards for interior design from the ICAA and a Home & Design Designers’ Choice Award. Additionally, he masterminded Baltimore’s Sagamore Pendry, which has been selected the number-one Hotel in America by Condé Nast Traveler readers.