Paula Grace Designs & Coaching, Inc.

Paula Grace Halewski

Before studying interior design, Paula Grace Halewski earned graduate degrees in clinical social work and business. Experience in these fields enables her to take a multi-dimensional approach to design projects, both in terms of understanding clients’ needs and streamlining the process from concept to completion. “I was inspired to become an interior designer to help people live in homes they are proud of, that truly are comfortable and reflect who they are,” she says.

Halewski launched her firm in 2003; today, she and a staff of three create modern and classic interiors that are personalized, functional and livable. They adhere to an efficient and effective timeline on all of their projects. “From the discovery phase where we learn our client’s aesthetic and functional aspirations to placing the last accessory, organization is key,” she explains. “There is a proper order to the process that enhances creativity and enables our clients to know what’s happening every step of the way. We and our clients are a team; everyone is valued and knows what to expect.”

Recognized for her interpersonal skills, Halewski has completed national lecture tours to teach other designers how best to work with clients. Her finished interior projects and furniture designs have been published in Home & Design and Arlington Magazine.