Penelope Mickum Interior Design

Penny Mickum

As a former real estate agent, Penny Mickum was more interested in the interiors of homes than she was in selling them. She began practicing her decorating skills on the homes of friends,  co-workers, and relatives—even giving her mother-in-law’s home an impromptu makeover while she was away on vacation (with positive results). Her efforts were well received. She eventually followed her passion and launched her career as a design professional. For more than 25 years, she has been principal of her own firm.

Mickum always works to achieve an aesthetic that is current, but not trendy, incorporating classic elements that have a timeless appeal, while carefully considering her clients’ lifestyles, tastes, passions and proclivities. “The right design should create an emotional connection to the space that brings joy to everyday living,” says the designer.

“I approach every project with an open mind, an open ear, and enthusiasm,” she continues, adding that she finds the “collaborative journeys” and long-term relationships she shares with her clients to be the most rewarding aspect of her work. While based in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, Penny Mickum has also completed projects in St. Michaels, Manhattan, the Adirondacks, Florida and Switzerland.


Penelope Mickum Interior Design




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