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Randall Mars, AIA

In the design of every residential commission, Randall Mars concentrates on creating spaces both inside and outside the home, defined by the building masses and the environment. In shaping these spaces, he avoids the big box response, and creates distinctive and diverse places. The notion that it’s possible to create a unique response to each and every programmatic challenge guides the architect’s practice today.

Mars founded Randall Mars Architects in 1989; today, this boutique firm focuses on designing homes that celebrate light, space and texture. When orchestrating a project, Mars and his colleagues take cues from their clients, as well as the site and the environment. “Terrain, foliage, orientation and light influence our response to homeowners’ functional needs and aesthetic desires,” he remarks, adding, “We try to give our clients what they will love—more than what they ask for.”

Mars contends that too many homes today are oversized, resulting in the diminishing of our natural environment. “We don’t believe that size matters,” he explains. “Rather, we strive for excellence in detailing and creating an environment rich in materiality and spatial diversity. All of our homes are very livable; they do not exist as sterile sculptures, but more as a canvas for living.”

Mars teaches at the WAAC, the Alexandria Campus for Virginia Tech, and served as a board member of AIA Northern Virginia and Virginia AIA for more than 15 years.


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