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Scarlett Breeding, AIA

Inspired by a passion for elegant spaces and fine details, Scarlett Breeding takes pride in transforming every client’s vision into a beautifully organized reality. A background in fine art, textiles and interior design guides her approach to residential architecture. As Breeding sees it, the character of form and space is an orchestration of the elements, textures, finishes, furnishings and casework the architecture encompasses.

“Getting the site plan and floor plan right are just the beginning,” she says. “That ‘beginning’ then becomes a three-dimensional, inside-outside framework in which to weave a harmony of details and materials.” Breeding collaborates with landscape architects to create the tapestry of these relationships, and works closely with her firm’s custom-casework designers to develop kitchens and pantries, baths and dressing suites that integrate seamlessly with the architecture itself.

In addition, Breeding establishes respectful and appreciative relationships with artisan builders, firmly encouraging them to achieve the very best during the construction phase. “The inevitable, unanticipated challenges that arise become opportunities for new layers,” she says. “The orchestration continues until the day the client moves in.”


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