Ziger | Snead Architects

Steve Ziger, FAIA | Douglas Bothner, AIA, LEED AP

Baltimore-based Ziger|Snead was established in 1984 and, in the words of its founders, “strives for simple, elegant and distilled design solutions that bring form to values, amplify the power of place and embrace the dreams of the client.”

Led by Steve Ziger, Douglas Bothner and Katelin Etoh, the firm is comprised of 13 registered architects. “We believe that great design can change people and create positive impact,” says Bothner, who spearheads most of the firm’s residential projects. “We are inspired by creative, iterative design processes that seek the best solution for each project. Every project embraces clients’ goals and aspirations, the program, and the opportunities of a particular site or context.”

One of Bothner’s earliest memories is working with his dad during the renovation of their family home, which was built in the 1800s. “The house was a labor of love for him, and I was always right beside him as he reshaped the building and property into a home for a young family,” recalls the architect. “This experience had a profound effect on me. It instilled the idea that each of us has the ability to design and change our physical environment for the better.”

Respect for the past and attention to detail inform the studio’s work today, especially in the area of sustainability. “We believe design is about building responsibly and for the long term,” Bothner explains. “This means integrating sustainable principles, utilizing durable materials that are appropriately detailed and thoughtfully employing limited resources.”

Ziger|Snead’s work has received more than 100 local, national and international awards for design excellence and historic preservation.