Manion + Associates Architects, P.C.

Thomas Manion, AIA

Manion + Associates is a full-service architectural firm with a staff that is passionately interested in design. Residential work is its main focus, and provides opportunities for everything from energy-efficient contemporary homes to historic restorations. The firm was founded in 1979 by principal Thomas Manion and currently has six employees, including two consulting architects.

Manion and his team have developed a process that involves and educates the client. “By understanding clients’ goals and objectives, we establish a good working relationship,” Manion says. The firm emphasizes an open, cooperative approach with consultants and the large and small construction firms with whom it works.

Manion has written and lectured on passive-solar, earth-sheltered, and other energy-saving approaches. “I believe residential design is a constantly evolving profession,” he observes. “Each concept must relate to the site and setting, while efficiency and orientation are crucial. Success is a well-woven litany of systems, materials and focus.”

During the past year, Manion + Associates designed an addition using split logs; created a residence combining Asian and Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired elements; and won various Potomac Valley AIA awards for historic restorations. As Manion explains, “We enjoy taking on projects that challenge, educate and help us grow.”