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Bonnie Ammon

Bonnie Ammon has been designing interiors since she was a child, rearranging not just her room but the family home on a daily basis. “It made me so happy to see how even subtle changes brought joy to my family,” she recalls. That passion grew—even during a 20-year career in finance. Eventually, she was drawn back to creating homes that “bring that same joy my family and I felt to others,”  she explains.

Ammon takes a pragmatic approach to her work, balancing aesthetic appeal with budgetary realities. “I tell my clients that certain rooms in a home are more important than others and that’s where you should put your most prized possessions and hard-earned money,” she notes. “The rooms where we spend the most time should absolutely have that wow factor.” She adds that listening to clients is critical to creating designs that reflect their taste and personality.

Ammon did not intend to head her own firm, but after a decade of working for others, she decided it was the right move. Today, she has a team of three taking on about 10 projects a year. “I never want to overcommit, as every project deserves my utmost attention,” she says.

The designer prefers projects that allow her to “think outside the box.” She takes much of her inspiration from the late, legendary designer and style icon Iris Apfel, who said, “Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.”

In 2020, Bonnie Ammon Interiors was honored with the Milo Hoots, Jr. ASID Leadership Award.


Bonnie Ammon Interiors




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