Surrounds Landscape Architecture + Construction

Howard Cohen, RLA | Chad Talton, RLA

Barry Schneider and landscape architect Howard Cohen   founded Surrounds Landscape Architecture + Construction in  2002 with the mission to develop and nurture environments  that positively change the way their clients live and experience the outdoors. In 2006, landscape architect Chad Talton joined the firm.

Today, Surrounds is a unique company comprised not only of landscape architects but also of skilled craftsmen such as stone masons and carpenters. “We collaborate as a team to create award-winning  projects while seeking creative solutions to meet every budget,” says Cohen. “Our designs are inspired by the personal style of the homeowner, making each project unique while complementing the  character of the home and surrounding landscape.”

With more than 50 years combined of design/build experience, the principals of Surrounds bring a high degree of professionalism  and expertise to each job. “All of our projects are evaluated and studied by the entire Surrounds team to ensure that we deliver  an outstanding experience for our customers,” says Talton. Recent  projects have created one-of-a-kind outdoor amenities, from a thatch-roofed tiki hut to an arbor with a massive stone fireplace.

Since 2002, Surrounds has won numerous local and national Grand awards from the Landscape Contractors Association.