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Tracy Meekins, Gina Palmer

It was when I stood at the intersection between creative vision, technical problem-solving and quality of life for real people that I understood what landscape architecture truly means,” declares Blake Dunlevy. “There is power in good design and satisfaction that comes through the skillful application of a craft.”

Dunlevy owns D. A. Dunlevy, a second-generation, family-run firm that launched in 1982 and today boasts a staff of 45. His design approach is rooted in the belief that architecture, the land and a client’s style must work in concert. “Our vision is to make the earth a more beautiful, functional and healthy place for people to enjoy,” Dunlevy says. “We are committed to providing the most creative and efficient design work, world-class construction and installation and a seamless transition to pain-free aftercare.”

While envisioning and implementing spaces that harmonize with their owners, the company relies on technical knowledge to achieve project goals. Dunlevy enjoys finding hidden solutions to problems—and seeing clients marvel at an outcome they could not have envisioned. “Sometimes a hidden solution creates unimagined beauty,” he relates. “But most often, it’s one that allows for functionality and synergy between the home and the landscape.”

Function and form go hand in hand in landscapes by D. A. Dunlevy. “If a space is not functional, what is the point in designing it?” Dunlevy muses. “If a space is not beautiful, why would we love it? Form and function together create designs that stand the test of time. We love art, but we design spaces for people to live in.”


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