Hendrick Interiors

Kate Ballou, Allied ASID

From an early age, Kate Ballou’s parents instilled in her an appreciation of art and design. Noting that her mother is a ceramic artist and her father started painting later in life, “I became acutely aware not only of my surroundings,” Ballou reflects, “but also of the impact my environment had on my mental, emotional and physical well-being.”

Eventually, this revelation inspired her to study fine arts at the Rhode Island School of Design and then interior design at Parsons. After training at Baird Architects in New York and Jacobsen Architecture in Washington, DC, Ballou founded her own residential practice, Hendrick Interiors, in 2014.

The designer focuses on selecting furnishings and materials, and designs custom pieces and millwork that infuse functionality and beauty in a home while reflecting her clients’ lifestyle. As Ballou explains, “I bring an analytical approach to my designs and enjoy collaborating with architects to select furnishings that respond to the volumes and materiality in their work.”

While she has a clear artistic point of view, Ballou loves projects that push her in novel directions: “When a client suggests something that is a little out of my comfort zone, I learn something new,” she says. “This keeps my work exciting, and my design language continues to evolve.”

Ballou cultivates relationships with creative entrepreneurs around the world, and original art plays a major role in all of her projects. “Art adds an element of surprise, emotion and personality to a home,” she observes. “I continue to explore an array of resources to maintain a positive impact on the way we feel in the spaces that we inhabit.”


Hendrick Interiors