Waterlily Interiors

Kelcey Huff | Tracy Schlegel

In 2009, sisters Kelcey Huff and Tracy Schlegel decided to join creative forces to start Waterlily Interiors, a full-service design studio specializing in residential and commercial spaces that are functional and reflective of each client’s vision, individuality and lifestyle.

Huff was first drawn to design when she discovered drafting in high school. After receiving a BA in English and her master’s in interior design, she has since spent over 20 years creating both commercial and residential spaces. Schlegel discovered her love of design closer to home—working on her own personal projects. Both sisters agree that they are “drawn to the creative process of building rooms that really allow life to happen. Creating environments that make people happy is at the heart of our passion for design,” says Huff.

Self-described “space-planning experts,” the duo fully appreciates the power of a design plan detailed down to the last inch. It’s what keeps the project on track from conception to completion.

Once the plan is in place, the “fun part” can begin. In fact, Waterlily’s credo is that “design should be fun,” says Schlegel. “Clients should be happy and the experience should be fabulous.

“Functionality and beautiful spaces are one and the same,” she continues. “For example, you can have soft, luxurious fabrics that are Teflon-coated. It is also important that we mix furniture, accessories, color, texture and lighting to create a look that is unique to each client and that makes their design dreams come true.”


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