Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC

Laura Fox

As a designer, Laura Fox loves to take on projects that pose unique challenges. “Whether it’s a new style or a mix of styles, a quick turnaround time or a tricky renovation, I love what I do because no two days are the same,” she says. “And every job comes with new people and problems to solve.”

She launched her firm in 2015 and now works with a staff of five. At the outset of a project, Fox and her team carefully study a client’s existing home and how it’s used. “There’s a lot of psychology involved in what we do as designers,” she explains. “I ask questions and really try to understand what is missing. When implementing a design, I think about all of those little things that will be so very important to how they are living life.”

Having grown up near Virginia Beach, Fox describes her own style as relaxed and easy-going. “I want the spaces I design to be livable and approachable and to serve the needs of their inhabitants,” says the mother of two young children. “Life happens and people shouldn’t have to panic every time some food is spilled on their new sofa.”

From start to finish, Fox and her team cultivate a high-end, enjoyable design experience for homeowners. “As a steward of every client’s investment in design,” she reflects, “I strive to balance beauty, function, form and style.”