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Laura Hildebrandt ASID, IFDA, NKBA

Laura Hildebrandt always decorates with color, her palette reflecting both the bold patterns of her Mexican heritage and the cooler coastal vibe of Annapolis, where she grew up.

Early on, Hildebrandt had intended to pursue a career in biology and public health, but eventually realized that art and design were less a hobby than a calling. “Design has always been part of who I am,” she says. “It was truly my passion and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to turn it into a full-fledged career.”

Hildebrandt’s firm, Interiors by LH, was founded in 2013 as a home staging and interior design studio. Three years later, the designer spun off the staging component and refocused solely on interior design—a decision, she reveals, that “has allowed us to grow rapidly and expand our design offerings to our clients.”

Along with color, Hildebrandt takes inspiration from her clients. “I always pay attention to what the client owns, wears and talks about,” she explains. “Usually there is something very specific that stands out. While those details can be subtle, they are what spins my creative wheel.” She’s also attentive to sustainability and often includes vintage furnishings to add “timelessness and interest.”

When she was a child, Hildebrandt recalls, there were rooms in her house that no one touched or lived in. As a designer, she wants “every space to be a destination—and beautifully functional, so that you can use your home for the way you live.”


Interiors by LH, LLC




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