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Richard Foster and Patrick Zimmerman of  Foster Zimmerman Architecture, formerly Richard Foster Architects, bring a happy combination of distinct work experience and expertise to the table. Foster launched his eponymous boutique firm in 1996 after working in residential development and construction. Zimmerman, who was a member of his staff before becoming partner in 2021, formerly worked at a town planning and mixed-use architecture firm—a perspective that gives him a basis in place-making and awareness of context. Senior architect Daniela Martinez rounds out the leadership of the firm, in which members work closely together from conception through construction on every project.

“We design homes to fit their owners and how they live. Each project brings new insight about how a home is experienced and engaged with,” Zimmerman says. “We strive to design homes that are timeless, adaptable and comfortable.”

While the firm is rooted in traditional architecture, its designs span a range of styles, including transitional and contemporary. Historical precedent informs designs intended for contemporary living. “We appreciate the warmth, scale and charm of traditional aesthetics but understand the importance of meeting present-day needs,” explains Foster. “Our expertise allows us to guide our clients through the complex design process in a hands-on way.”

The design team values collaboration between client, architect, contractor and other design disciplines to ensure a quality project that exceeds expectations while respecting budget. Says Zimmerman, “Buildings shape our everyday experiences, though their effect is often unnoticed. We are inspired by the transformative nature of a well-designed home.”


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