Ella Scott Design, LLC

Sandra Meyer

Sandra Meyer launched Ella Scott Design (ESD) in 2001 after leaving a career in the healthcare industry. She now leads a team of eight professionals working on projects ranging from new builds to complete renovations. Although focused on the DMV area, the firm has taken on projects in Miami, Martha’s Vineyard and New Jersey. “Our goal is to create truly unique and timeless homes that are tailored to our clients,” says Meyer.

ESD conceives each design with clients’ desires in mind “and an understanding of their vision for their home,” Meyer explains. She and her team also incorporate the firm’s expertise to arrive at innovative solutions to the challenges every project presents. Ella Scott Design works closely with architects, builders and subcontractors to ensure every inch of every home is up to ESD’s standards.

“At the end of the day, we see our clients as influencers, and we strive to establish a cohesive collaboration in terms of style and aesthetic,” Meyer observes.  However, “we also push them outside their comfort zone to create a home they can grow into—one that will stand the test of time.”


Ella Scott Design, LLC




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