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JBL Synthesis Digital Home Theater System.

Home Tech: State of the Art

Home Tech: State of the Art
Musician’s Choice
When bass guitarist Jay DeMarcus of the country band Rascal Flatts installed the Carl Tatz-designed JBL Synthesis Digital Home Theater System in his home recording studio, his choice spoke volumes. The sound system includes eight speakers, all of which apply synthesis technology, using digital algorithms to create a near-perfect, 360-degree soundscape. www.carltatzdesign.com.

Home Movies
BeoVision 4-103 by Bang & Olufsen lets you go to the movies without leaving your house. The 103-inch-screen plasma television has VisionClear: Automatic Picture Control sensor technology that measures the ambient light in the room and adjusts the light output from the screen accordingly. A tiny built-in camera—part of the Automatic Color Management system—checks the screen every 100 hours and adjusts the color levels. www.bang-olufsen.com.

Tuned In
The GenevaSound Model L speaker system from Geneva Lab delivers high-quality sound in a sleek, modern package. The single cabinet is constructed from piano-lacquered wood and includes an iPod universal dock, built-in CD slot and FM radio with digital tuner. Available in red, black and white. www.aplusrstore.com.

Energy Efficient
Crestron’s energy saving Inwall Touch Panel Picture comes highly recommended from Charles Carlson at Performance Home Automation, Inc., in Riva, Maryland. This integrated system controls heat, lighting and HVAC, automatically decreasing them when you’re not at home and increasing them when you are. Pictured here, an iPhone with an application that conveniently allows the user to operate the Inwall remotely. www.performancehomeautomation.com.

Cable Buy
HDMI cables transmit the highest quality video and audio to your TV screen. However, HDMI signals typically travel about 200 feet—less than ideal if you have your A/V system installed in a central location and your TVs located throughout the house. According to Aegis Technologies’ Dan Wittig, Crestron has the solution: the Digital Media System, which uses fiber optic technology to send HDMI signals up to 1,000 feet. Compatible with the HDMI cable system. www.aegistechnologies.com.


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