Porsche's 2012 Cayman R.
Caoshu Calligraphy III fountain pen set

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Toys to Enjoy MARCH/APRIL 2011

To gain 10 horsepower over its predecessor, the Cayman S, Porsche’s 2012 Cayman R has shed 110 pounds of options, including its radio and air conditioning system (both are still offered as add-ons for sissies). Its body has been lowered and its suspension retuned to provide even better road-hugging performance. Sporting a new Peridot Metallic exterior (pictured), the Cayman R is coming to showrooms this spring. $66,300. porsche.com

Forget emails, instant messages and tweets; Loiminchay’s exquisite calligraphy pens give your missives real staying power. The Caoshu Calligraphy III fountain pen set, made of ebonite with 18-karat gold rings and nibs engraved with dragons, depicts in delicate lacquer and gold leaf the ancient Chinese tale of the Luo River Goddess. Available in 28 limited-edition sets; $15,000 each. loiminchay.com

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