Marika Meyer, Brian VanFleet, Shanon Munn, Christopher Boutlier, Tricia Huntley.
Martha Vicas, Natascha Folens, 
Erin Paige Pitts.
Skip Sroka, Joe Gilday.
Sarah and Zach Willis, Rachel James
Jennifer and Tim Winter
Elizabeth Iversen, Ronna Cohen, Linda Gombos.
David Zein, Olivier Valette .
Elizabeth Reich, Darlene Molnar, J. Allen.

Inside Look Party: H&D July/August 2012

Inside Look Party: H&D July/August 2012 Home & Design celebrated the launch of its July/August 2012 issue with a reception at Bray & Scarff in Bethesda, Maryland. Guests perused the showroom’s collection of high-end appliances and enjoyed a sneak peak at the issue hot off the press.

Photos by Melody Rush and Brandon Narod.