A renovation in Northwest DC.
Architect James Rill.
A modern kitchen.
A traditional entrance hall.

Rill Architects, PC

Rill Architects is respected for projects that incorporate an understanding of the way their clients live. The Rill team helps clients get the greatest value from their projects by applying a deep knowledge of design coupled with the latest technologies, materials and finishes. The team collaborates to help clients with all decisions so their homes suit their personalities, lifestyles and budgets.

What qualities should an architect bring to a renovation project?
A good architect should be able to bring his or her knowledge and experience. With many years of renovation projects under our belts, we are able to navigate the process from design through construction, identifying potential issues before they become larger problems.

How can you help homeowners achieve their dream home on a budget?
We are great listeners. Once we fully understand the clients’ wants and needs, we can prioritize on where best to splurge and where to save.

What are the most important factors in the client-architect relationship?
Trust is number one. Clients can be sure that we will provide them with a beautiful, functional home that meets their needs and that makes them excited to come home each day.

What is your role during the construction stage?
We work with the contractor and client to ensure the project is being built as designed, and help guide the client through the process to ensure that all their hard work comes to fruition.

What shifts are you seeing in how people use their homes?
The kitchens and family rooms remain the hubs. Formal living and dining rooms are less important while a central gathering room is often the most discussed space.

Rill Architects, PC
4833 Rugby Avenue, Suite 501
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Price Range of Finished Projects: $10s of thousands to millions
Year Established: 1987
Employees in Firm: 8