Master Bath Redux

After 20 years of aesthetic dictatorship by a jumbo whirlpool tub and beige tile surround, it was time to set this master bath free.

2014 COTY Grand Award: Residential Bath Over $60,000

In a dated master bath, the tub, toilet, shower, and sinks lined the periphery, leaving the middle of the room empty. “The sightline led to a point between two windows,” says designer Rosemarie Howe, who was hired to remodel the space. “I knew I would need something sculptural there. That’s where the design started.”

Working with Gilday Renovations, Howe designed a new bathroom with a soaking tub centered between the windows. Beige tiles were replaced by an expanse of marble for a timeless look.

Outstanding Features

  • Floor-to-ceiling marble tile and trim around the windows.
  • Lighting design eliminates shadows and subdues glare.
  • Geometric marble “rug” design is centered under tub.
  • Asymmetrical soaking tub appears weightless.

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