Awardees Jim Rill, Kelley Proxmire, Charles Owen. 
Awardee Anne Kalet. 
Tyler Chavers, Antonella Cestone Lafranchise, Traci Miller. 
Mark Sanders, Chris  Neumann.
Awardees Tricia Huntley, Patrick Brian Jones. 
Melinda Alley, awardee Michael Zeichner, Giedre Dicbanyte. 5. Awardees 
Terrence Charles, Mary Douglas Drysdale, awardee George Hemphill. 
Jeff Bell, Alicia Bell, Chris Vives, Sarah Vives.
Awardees Richard Loosle-Ortega, Janet Bloomberg.
Awardees Alicia Parsons, Hope Bass. 
Bernd Vollmuth, Sara Gobbo. 

Sourcebook 2016 + Designers’ Choice Awards Party

At Georgetown's Poltrona Frau showroom

Sourcebook 2016 + Designers’ Choice Awards Party SEPTEMBER 30, 2015—Home & Design celebrated the launch of its 2016 Sourcebook with a reception at Poltrona Frau in Georgetown. A highlight of the evening was the announcement of the annual Designers’ Choice Awards, published in the Sourcebook and at