The McClaren 570S Coupé.
The 75-inch Sony Ultra HD TV.
The 75-inch Sony Ultra HD TV.

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Indulgences Toys HOT RIDE  McClaren has unveiled the first model in its new Sports Series—the 570S Coupé. Lightweight and aerodynamically designed, it boasts a carbon-fiber chassis, a 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 engine and a highly customizable interior. Seventeen exterior colors are available, including Blade Silver (pictured). From $206,000;

POWER GLOVE  The world’s first digital golf glove with wearable sensor technology, SensoGlove helps players of all levels achieve a smooth, accurate and powerful swing. The leather glove gauges grip pressure and provides real-time audio and visual feedback without an app or smartphone. $89;

SKINNY SCREEN  The thinnest television of its size ever made, the 75-inch Sony X910C 4K Ultra HD TV is virtually frameless and mounts flush to a wall. With an X1 processor engine, the model features maximized contrast, color and clarity. It’s powered by Android TV, which delivers content, games and streaming apps as well as a voice search feature. $5,499;