A map of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries by Joseph Tarella.

Shore Style Illuminating the Bay

Shore Style Illuminating the Bay In a tech-savvy world where GPS has made paper maps obsolete, Joseph Tarella has found a way to keep cartography alive. The New York-based artist renders East Coast geography by hand, using ink and watercolor to create elegantly detailed pieces. Also an architect, Tarella began drawing maps more than 20 years ago for an urban design firm, returning to the craft as a hobby. “I’m fascinated by the ever-changing aspect of where the water meets the land,” he explains. Though he researches and often visits each location, Tarella points out, “my work is not about way-finding.”

The artist’s latest creation spotlights the Chesapeake Bay. “I’ve illuminated how the bay changes over its length, including major seaports, great rivers and an elaborate network of roads and rails,” Tarella says. His limited-edition maps, available in sizes up to 40 by 60 inches, range from $30 to $700. coastalartmaps.com