A boldly modern home designed by Bohl Architects offers panoramic views of Cypress Creek in Severna Park, Maryland.

Ask the Pros: Architecture

Designing a home by the bay

Describe the challenges and rewards of designing homes in the Chesapeake Bay region. 

The superlative challenge is creating a unique piece of architecture that is site-specific. Each site is a microcosm of the natural beauty of the Chesapeake Bay: Earth, water, plants and all of life is there. Protecting this environment is an immensely challenging responsibility.

The rewards of the art of architecture are immeasurable and intoxicating. We get to explore the vast world of design with our clients; we indulge in the joy of invention every day. Together we get to create a unique place that balances the sublime power of nature with the comforting beauty of the home. —Chip Bohl, AIA, Bohl Architects, Annapolis, Maryland

Builder: Berliner Construction Company, Annapolis, Maryland.