Empty Nest

AV Architects + Builders designs a streamlined home for clients downsizing in modern, practical style

Project of the year
AV Architects + Builders

AV Architects + Builders conceived the Titania House as a home for empty-nesters. The single-level, maintenance-free, universally adaptable structure offers loads of storage solutions and natural light.

“We’ve created a contemporary retreat, so our clients can live like they’re on vacation everyday,” says principal Francisca Alonso.

Elegant architectural forms and clean lines characterize the exterior, clad in fiber-cement panels and boasting oversized Weather Shield aluminum-clad windows and a seemingly flat roof. Interiors include an open floor plan, extra wide halls and doorways and LED lighting.

“As people hit middle age, they tend to take stock of their priorities,” Alonso notes. “They seek a lifestyle that’s more focused on simplicity.”

AV Architects + Builders has been in business for 18 years and has a staff of six. The firm completes five to ten projects a year, ranging in price from $1 million to $3 million.

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