For the foyer of an Easton, Maryland, home, Bountiful Interiors selected a patterned rug in vibrant blues to complement an authentic Louis Vuitton poster. Photo & Styling: Stylish Productions.

Under Foot

Designers weigh in on how to select the right flooring and carpet for your space

Ideas from our H&D Design Partners

Gina Fitzsimmons
Fitzsimmons Design Associates


I love the recycled rug trend! Rugs made with patches of old Orientals have so much history, interest and funkiness. It is an instant way to introduce patina and warmth to a space. Every patch has a story!
—Gina Fitzsimmons, ASID, Fitzsimmons Design Associates, Inc.

Bountiful Interiors



Function is first and foremost. Fortunately, modern innovations in flooring provide incredible flexibility regardless of how a space will be used. We love designing one-of-a-kind flooring patterns to add drama, especially in large spaces.
—Jamie Merida, Bountiful Interiors

Melanie Whittington
Whittington Design Studio


Consider the style and feel of a product versus its durability. We steer clients away from viscose rugs if they have kids or pets—they look gorgeous but can’t take stains. And for hardwood floors, use commercial finishes in high-traffic areas.
—Melanie Whittington, Whittington Design Studio

Laura Fox
Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC



My designs often start with a rug. A fabulous rug or floor covering will set the tone for an entire space. I have a couple of clients who collect antique rugs. They’re like art and should be the centerpiece of the room. I also love a good painted floor—solid or patterned, it adds so much character, especially as it ages over time.
—Laura Fox, Laura Fox Interior Design, LLC

Laura Hildebrandt
Interiors by LH, LLC
Photo: Jenn Verrier


Several factors determine the type of flooring you should choose. First, what is the purpose of the space and how will it be used? Second, what are its limits? Is it on a lower level? Is the base cement? Is sound an issue? Flooring is the home’s backdrop and has to flow with the overall design.
—Laura Hildebrandt, IFDA, NKBA, Interiors by LH

Kori Keyser
Keyser Interiors Inc.



Barbara Hawthorn
Barbara Hawthorn Interiors
Photo: Kenneth M. Wyner Photography


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