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In the Mood

Kristen Chuber of the painting-services company Paintzen presents a guide to living with color

BLACK. . .For a calming effect

  • On trim, accent pieces and fixtures
  • With bright colors

BEIGE. . . To make a room look warm and inviting

  • On any surface
  • With black and white, wood and other brown tones

NEUTRAL. . . To make a space feel large, open and airy

  • On walls
  • With everything

BLUE. . . To create a soothing effect

  • In the bedroom to help you sleep
  • With blue or contrasting colors

YELLOW. . . To impart lightness to a space

  • On surfaces that don’t get much sunlight
  • With white for an even lighter feel

RED. . . To add drama and energy to a space

  • On the walls or as an accent
  • To warm up cooler colors

PURPLE. . . When you want to be bold

  • On any surface
  • With other bright colors for drama or with gray for sophistication

WHITE. . . To conjure a sense of lightness and space, or to unify an eclectic room

  • On walls to maximize these effects
  • With black and white or bright colors

GREEN. . . When you want to use several colors in a room

  • On any surface