The Spa Experience

Today's latest bath fixtures offer a refined aesthetic and plenty of pampering

The Spa Experience

Toto’s Ethos Collection

Toto’s Ethos Collection pays tribute to great American cities. Celebrating New York’s Art Deco movement, the Design N II Pedestal Lavatory and Widespread Faucet shown here are sleek and simple but sophisticated enough to work in any style of bathroom. The faucet is polished chrome with contoured lever handles. Visit

Available in brushed nickel, the eight-inch Sunray showerhead plays to the whimsical side of shower lovers’ tastes. It features five adjustable shower spokes that radiate from the center spray hub; it mounts to any standard shower arm. Visit

After introducing the square WaterTile shower spray last year, Kohler debuted the WaterTile Round Shower Spray in 2008. Both products were designed to eliminate the visual clutter of multiple showerheads. The round tile covers the same basic footprint as its square counterpart, comes in two spray intensities and can be adjusted up and down and in all directions. Visit

JACLO’s Rain Canopy is designed to transform the mundane shower into a luxurious day at the spa. Rain canopies are available in round, square, oval and rectangular models and in a range of sizes from 12 to 20 inches. Visit

Los Angeles-based Alchemy Glass & Light recently introduced the Celestial Series of sinks, which are crafted from geometric shapes reminiscent of a meteor shower. The Mosaic sink shown here incorporates glass shards and pebbles in a brilliant spectrum of color. Visit

Perfect for a powder room or compact bath, Stone Forest’s space-saving Slab Vanity marries a Carrara marble top with a sleek stainless-steel stand. The top is also available in honed basalt. Visit

Kohler’s new Revival wall-mount faucet creates a clutter-free countertop space that is easy to clean. This wall-mounted version is a new design of one of the company’s most popular faucet collections, perfect for both traditional and transitional settings. It is available in several finishes, including brushed nickel, gold, bronze and brass. Visit

THG’s latest line of faucetry is made of Bernardaud porcelain, emulating the finest French dinnerware. The Capucine Mauve motif shown here combines painted purple butterflies with a gold finish. Other styles are stamped with metallic accents or drizzled with garlands of black and gold bay leaves. Visit

The Sirius faucet by Danze makes a sleek, sculptural statement in the bath with its ribbon-like spout. Available in brushed nickel and chrome, the Sirius collection includes a full line of accessories, including shelves. Visit

Freshen up for spring with Waterworks’

newest line of bathroom accessories. The collection includes toothbrush holder, lidded containers, tank tray and wastebasket (not shown) in iceberg and crepe. Visit

Ann Sacks’ new Mirror tiles bring a modern aesthetic to the bath. The product’s smooth surface and metallic effects—available in silver or copper—convey a minimalist vibe. Intense polishing imparts these porcelain tiles with their reflective surface. Visit  

Sunray showerhead from Danze.

Round WaterTile shower spray from Kohler

Jaclo’s Rain Canopy

Mosaic sink from Alchemy Glass & Light

Stone Forest’s Slab Vanity

Kohler’s Revival faucet

THG’s Capucine Mauve motif

Sirius faucet by Danze

Waterworks’ bathroom accessories

Ann Sacks’ Mirror tiles