Water View


Good working relationships make all the difference in landscape design, so when Annapolis builder Bret Anderson of Pyramid Builders began work on his own house on the water, he contacted landscape architect Steve McHale, with whom he has worked many times over the years. They collaborated closely on ideas and drawings to bring to life Anderson’s vision of a home that would make him feel like he was on a permanent vacation.

The Southwestern-style house appears to cascade down a slope from foyer to living levels to an outdoor pool and patio, and then to the lawn and the Chesapeake Bay. Conscious of setback and fencing requirements, Anderson and McHale designed a pool that is raised above ground level and looks out over the adjacent water. The pool captures “the beauty of an infinity-edge pool, but it’s much easier to care for and maintain,” says Anderson.

The decking is constructed of carnation rose flagstone from India, selected because it’s cooler to walk on than typical flagstone and its color complements the house. In the front yard, McHale designed two raised planters, painted white, to create “a courtyard feeling,” he explains. Plants, including prickly pears and palms, complete the Southwestern ambience.

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: Steve McHale, McHale Landscape Design, Inc., Upper Marlboro, Maryland. PHOTOGRAPHY:  (top) Richard Sweeney ,  (left) Kevin McHale, McHale Landscape Design, Inc.

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