The Athena chair, designed by Barry Dixon for Avrett and available through J. Lambeth.
The Synapse chandelier.

Timeless Line

Barry Dixon introduces a new collection for Avrett

Timeless Line Celebrated local designer Barry Dixon has teamed with Charleston, South Carolina, furniture maker Avrett on a new collection of furniture and lighting. The line represents a blend of Old-World techniques and styles and modern concepts and settings—a sensibility that has distinguished the work of both Avrett and Dixon. “Our new collection is inspired by time and place,” Dixon says. “Time, via the timelessness of line and silhouette; and place, the warm, natural world.” In fact, the 14-piece collection is largely inspired by nature—including the Magnolia Pod cocktail table and the Moustique foyer table, which echoes the delicate leg of a mosquito. Pictured above, the Athena chair and Synapse chandelier.

Dixon and Avrett will expand the collection this fall. It’s currently available through J. Lambeth & Company in the Washington Design Center.