Scapes, Inc., combined a pool area, outdoor kitchen and firepit. ©  John DiCamillo

Ask the Pros Landscape Design

Advice on designing the perfect home by the bay

Ask the Pros Landscape Design What advice can you offer homeowners who are embarking on a landscaping project on the water? 

When beginning a landscape project on the water, homeowners should take into account the plant material in the surrounding area, changes in elevation and, of course, sight lines to the water. The natural beauty of a water view is the main reason most people buy a waterfront home, so it’s crucial that the landscape plan should embrace those views.

Selecting plants that have a history of doing well on the property and surrounding properties is always a wise choice, as these plants will be most likely to thrive without difficulty. While choosing your plantings, it’s important to keep in mind elevation changes and sight lines to ensure that none of your plants will end up blocking your water views once they mature. —Jeff Crandell, Scapes, Inc., Lothian, Maryland