Bel Pre Glassworks Sales Staff
The shower enclosures are frameless, heavy glass systems that convey a high-end look.
The railings were fabricated out of half-inch-thick Evergreen laminated-glass panels.

Bel Pre Glassworks, Inc.

Bel Pre Glassworks sets the trend in designer glass, offering consumers quality glass workmanship at competitive prices.

Bel Pre Glassworks, Inc. Bel Pre Glassworks was launched in 1974 with the goal of providing customers with quality products and service at competitive prices. A family-run enterprise, it employs eight family members today. “We build on traditions in the way we work,” says August Gagliarducci. “We are truly a family business.”

Bel Pre Glassworks designs and fabricates frameless shower enclosures; custom, antique and framed mirrors; painted-glass backsplashes and countertops; glass tabletops; and glass cabinet-door fronts. Beveling, sandblasting and waterjet design is its specialties.

Bel Pre Glassworks maintains a cutting edge by expanding its fabricating capabilities through the use of specialized on-site machinery. The company recently added a state-of-the-art waterjet-fabrication machine and a tempering oven that enables the fabrication of glass-enclosed shower doors in-house.

The team at Bel Pre collaborates with customers to create the applications that will best suit their needs while guiding them towards timeless designs they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. “Ours is a service business,” observes Gagliarducci. “It brings us satisfaction to fill the needs of our customers.”


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