Audio/Video + Lighting Drawing Board

Pied à Terre

Audio/Video + Lighting Drawing Board After purchasing a pied-à-terre in CityCenterDC, clients asked Ernesto Santalla to help them make the most of the space with better storage, improved finishes, and a contemporary look. Santalla’s master plan included the creation of a paneled wall that cleverly conceals storage and a media center.

Then Now
The wall dividing the living area from the bedroom had an awkward opening near the window. Its position made the bedroom too small. The wall has been shifted to add space on the bedroom side. The awkward gap near the window has been closed off for privacy.
The long expanse of drywall in the living room was visually boring as well as useless. The plain wall has been replaced with a paneled wall of gray-stained Tabu—a sustainable wood veneer—to create a sleek, modern focal point.
There was a dearth of storage space in the living area. The paneled media center provides storage, a niche for the TV and a row of cabinets. Panels slide in front of the niche to maintain a clean-lined, uncluttered appearance.


Interior Architecture & Design: Ernesto Santalla, AIA, LEED AP, Ernesto Santalla, Inc., Washington, DC. Contractor: Madden/CCI, LLC, Rockville, Maryland.