Drawing Board Closets + Organized Spaces

Basement Redo

Drawing Board Closets + Organized Spaces An Arlington couple hired design/build firm TriVistaUSA to convert their cluttered, dark and decrepit basement into a light, comfortable space for hanging out and watching TV. They also needed storage and space to display items they’d collected while traveling.

Then Now
Paneled in dark-stained wood, the basement had a dated look. A brick fireplace in one corner couldn’t be used because gas lines were situated behind it. The paneling was replaced with drywall. The fireplace is now electric, so proximity to gas lines is not an issue.
The floors were made of circa-1970s linoleum brick that was dingy and dark. The floors are a seamless vinyl that is practical for basement use but looks like light-stained, wide-plank wood.
Haphazard, rickety shelves stored a mishmash of stuff. Custom built-in shelving showcases the couple’s possessions, including Civil War-era revolvers in a glass case.
Narrow, dimly lit stairs were closed off by a door. The staircase has been opened up and the door removed to bring in light.


Renovation Design & Construction: Michael Sauri, president, TriVistaUSA, Arlington, Virginia.