Drawing Board Interior Design

Creative Infusion

Drawing Board Interior Design A Cleveland Park home had become dilapidated over time. The owner contacted designer Rachel Dougan to update the house with style and character—a task that included the total transformation of a small sitting room located off the master bedroom.

Then Now
Seldom used by the owner, a drab spare room had become a cluttered catch-all space. It’s now a cozy sitting room/library with comfortable seating by A. Rudin and a custom desk designed by Dougan.
The tiny room felt closed-in and cramped. A band of vibrant blue painted around the perimeter of the ceiling and bordered by added molding accentuates its height. Built-in shelving created a niche for a wall mirror that makes the room feel larger.
A mishmash of window and door heights made the room visually chaotic and unappealing. The blue paint treatment de-emphasizes the random door and window heights. A neutral sisal rug keeps the space from feeling busy.


Interior Design: Rachel Dougan, ViVi Interiors, Washington, DC.