Kitchen Transition from NanaWall.
Ultimate Multi-Slide Door from Marvin Windows.
Solar Innovations' Slide & Stack Glass Walls.

Shore Style: Inside Out

Cutting-edge window walls redefine waterfront living

Window walls—sliding glass systems that completely open a room to the outdoors—add a sense of drama to any home on the water. Not only do they provide uninterrupted views, but they also seamlessly expand living spaces onto decks, terraces and more.

As architect Leo Wilson of Annapolis-based Hammond Wilson says, “Being able to open up a wall and literally bring the outdoors in adds a new level of flexibility to otherwise conventional spaces.” He advises consumers selecting a window wall to “look for products that have a solid feel and operate smoothly.” He also recommends visiting a project where a system has been installed to get a sense of how it performs. Following are a few of the latest options:

KITCHEN TRANSITION  This new product designed for kitchens is available as a folding or single-track sliding system. It combines windows that can be installed above countertops (pictured) and door panels; the windows and doors can be opened and operated independently or together.

ULTIMATE MULTI-SLIDE DOOR An automated control system is now available on Marvin Windows and Doors’ four Ultimate Multi-Slide Door configurations—both pocket and stacked—and in sizes up to 47 feet wide. Users can open and close the panels via a wall switch or remote.

SLIDE & STACK GLASS WALLS  When installed in an exterior application, this handle-operated system includes a thermally enhanced frame with a barrier preventing temperature transfer year-round. The walls incorporate a wide range of glass types, including energy-efficient LowE glazing.