Kitchen Karma Fresh Look

Form meets function in an innovative kitchen by Sarah Kahn Turner

Kitchen Karma Fresh Look The owners of a Georgetown condo overlooking Key Bridge hired Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath to overhaul their dysfunctional kitchen and give it a fresh, new look. Designer Sarah Kahn Turner focused on the river view—visible through industrial-style, square-paned windows— to create a kitchen with a bold material palette and clever, innovative design elements.

“The view drove the layout,” Turner explains. “The mahogany wall of pantry cupboards has beveled squares that match the squares in the windows.” The bevels protrude just five-eighths of an inch but give the illusion of greater depth.

Rift-cut white-oak cabinets offset the dark-stained mahogany, and the island is clad in bold red leather, embossed to resemble crocodile skin. Gray Caesarstone forms a counter-height, waterfall-edge table that covers half an inch above the island, appearing to cantilever out.

The countertops and backsplash are made of Neolith, a porcelain surface selected by the owners because it closely replicates marble but is maintenance-free. “Neolith can scratch,” Turner warns, “but it looks more like marble than marble-like quartz surfaces.” The designer flipped the cooktop wall with the oven/fridge wall for convenience—her only structural change.

The owners are delighted. “The kitchen really works for her,” says Turner. “There’s space for everything and it’s all inaccessible places that make sense.”

Kitchen + Interior Design: Sarah Kahn Turner, Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath, Ltd., Chevy Chase, Maryland. Contractor: Paul Lappas, Lappas Construction Co., Bethesda, Maryland. Styling: Charlotte Safavi.


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