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Ed Ball creates outdoor living spaces in the DC area and beyond

Ed Ball

Ed Ball Landscape Architecture was hired by clients in the Bahamas to design a functional, private garden on a very small lot. Landscape architect Ed Ball and his team were able to create circulation within the diminutive spaces and make them feel bigger than they actually are.

“We used vertical lines in our design and allow the adjacent properties to expand the views beyond the property lines,” Ball explains. The plant and material palette features ficus, neem trees and coconut palms framing stepping stones and coral stone, textured-concrete steppers. Strips of synthetic lawn and pavers in the driveway, adding an unexpected layer of visual interest.

Company details
Ed Ball Landscape Architecture has been in business for 10 years. Owner and principal Ed Ball executes 10 to 15 projects per year.

Most challenging aspect of your work?
Managing clients’ expectations while navigating the nuances of design and construction. Our great team supports each other while meeting or exceeding clients’ expectations.

What inspired your career path?
I love being outside and helping people. Landscape architecture allows me to do both: I develop spaces for my clients to enjoy year-round, while spending time in nature.

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