A project by Hinson Design Group employed the Aurora LED. © John Horner
A lighting plan by Outdoor Illumination. © David Burroughs
The Bocci 21 chandelier, featured in a project by Illuminations. © Anice Hoachlander
A space illuminated by the Infinito lighting line, available through Pro Design Distribution + Illuminotechnique.

Light Show

Clever systems conjure a moody vibe—indoors and out

Hinson Design Group’s lighting plan for a modern home in Northwest DC featured the Aurora LED, a trim-less recessed light by Pure lighting that was used throughout the public spaces. “It’s a simple, cut-out, knife-edge aperture in the ceiling,” says principal Wayne Hinson, “yet this fixture offers multiple functions.” With the touch of a keypad, the dome-shaped openings take on any color in the spectrum, or flow through a sequence of 16 million colors. The dome reflects each hue, washing the walls almost to the ceiling with layers of color. Each fixture also features a white LED that highlights art and furniture.

Campion Hruby Landscape Architects enlisted Outdoor Illumination to create an exterior lighting plan for a Mount Vernon home designed by Donald Lococo. “LEDs were directed down from the pergola and up into selected sculptural trees,” recounts Outdoor Illumination’s Matt Taylor, who oversaw the project. Rows of LED Neon Flex, a flexible, linear, color-changing light, are recessed into the hardscape’s perimeter.  “Planning is key,” Taylor says. “The designer should view the landscape concept early. In this case, we were able to coordinate with key trades, including Quarry Aquatics and Evergro Landscaping, for a successful result.”

Illuminations selected the Bocci 21 chandelier to complement a modern staircase in a Northern Virginia home. “The Bocci series is our go-to in a custom chandelier,” says principal Tess Leland. “It’s so versatile; we can change its height and size, making it ideal for big or small spatial situations.” Since large-scale chandeliers make a bold statement, they require the right setting, she notes. “A giant fixture in a smaller space can be over-powering. And remember that a large-scale light can be made up of many small fixtures in a cluster that create a scene or moment of light in your home.”

Designed by Davide Groppi, Infinito is an 18-millimeter-wide line of LED lights that can run wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling for up to 393 linear feet. “It defines architecture by illuminating spaces indirectly,” explains Quinn Murph of Pro Design Distribution + Illuminotechnique, who often utilizes Infinito in spaces where ceiling wiring is not possible or desirable. “Lighting solutions can be easily integrated if they are part of the base architectural design,” Murph suggests. “Ask yourself, ‘Where do I need light and what qualities and characteristics do I want for it?’ The solution is not always obvious, but once a fixture is installed, it should look like the obvious solution.”