A home designed by Buxton Architecture and built by Lang and Company in Arnold, Maryland, combined Western red-cedar siding and natural stone veneers in a landscape by Quayle & Company Design/Build. © Alfonso Wright

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Advice on building a home by the bay

Ask the Pros Builder What common mistake do homeowners make when building on the bay? 

Homeowners often do not plan the ways in which they will deal with the abundance of water in its many forms. First, the lot should be protected by storm-water controls as it is prepared for construction. Once the home takes form, the windows, doors, and roofs should be flashed with materials resistant to corrosion by salt air, to protect against bulk water associated with weather events. Windows and doors should be robust enough to defend against vapor intrusion, which is common in waterfront environments. Finally, controlling humidity with a well-designed HVAC system is paramount to a home’s longevity and the health of its owners. Be sure to choose an architect familiar with these details and a contractor with the experience to implement them correctly.

—Rich Lang, MBIA, Lang and Company, Arnold, Maryland