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Renewable Resources

Instead of heading to the landfill, repurpose discarded building materials

YUCK OLD PAINT was founded in response to the limited options that exist for the safe and eco-friendly disposal of old cans of paint. For a small fee, the company collects latex (water-based, enamel and acrylic) and oil-based paints. Still-usable products are distributed to re-use channels including humanitarian construction projects, theater groups and licensed contractors. Paint that is not usable is processed for proper disposal per Virginia Department of Environmental Quality regulations. Pick-ups available. yuckoldpaint.com

COMMUNITY FORKLIFT is a non-profit re-use center accepting donations of home-improvement supplies. Goods are distributed to non-profits in need or resold in a 40,000-square-foot warehouse five minutes over the Northeast DC line in Edmonston, Maryland. This treasure trove of modern and vintage building materials offers lighting, appliances, antiques and more. Pick-ups available. communityforklift.org

SECOND CHANCE deconstructs buildings and homes, salvages usable materials and sells them to the public at its 200,000-square-foot warehouse in Baltimore. The non-profit accepts everything from old windows and doors to appliances, bathroom fixtures, lighting, architectural elements and more. Revenue provides job training and workforce development for locals with employment obstacles. Pick-ups available. secondchanceinc.org